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Welcome to our web site. Harrison Paint began in 1911 as an independent manufacturer of paint, varnish and specialty coatings, ranging from consumer to industrial grades of products. For more than eighty-five years, we have provided quality products and service to our customers. Today, we serve retailers and wholesalers in twenty-seven states, including the Caribbean basin. We are recognized as one of the most modern paint manufacturers in the country. In fact, one of our strengths is custom formulations.

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Area of Interest
General Product(s) Description
Conventional interior and exterior latex and solvent
base paint products
Latex and/or solvent base coatings applied during a
manufacturing process
Low or no V.O.C. coatings

Corrosion control and general maintenance enamel
type coatings
Architectural or light industrial coatings

Wholesale distributors who re-sell branded and
private labeled products to various retail channels
Products manufactured for other manufacturers

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